The QPrize Competition

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If you have a great idea and need funding, check this out:

Qualcomm Ventures is promoting the “QPrize™” a series of international business plan competitions designed to provide over $500,000 in early stage capital for enterprising technology companies. The competition is open to entrepreneurs located throughout the world and will feature semi-final events in key locations where Qualcomm Ventures has active investment offices. Qualcomm Ventures will select one semi-finalists for each of the four contest markets: China, Europe, India and North America. These four semi-finalist will each receive $100,000 (USD) of convertible note funding from Qualcomm Ventures and will be invited to the Qualcomm Ventures CEO Summit in San Diego, Calif. to compete for the Grand Prize. The grand prize winner will receive an additional $150,000 (USD) of convertible note funding, for a total prize of $250,000 (USD) in venture financing.

More information can be found here: The QPrize Competition

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