Passion for Sweden

Ola RyngeThe Rynge Group1 Comment

Yesterday I wore a Swedish soccer shirt, watching our under 21 team loose against England in the semi-finals of the UEFA European Under-21 Championship. Walking home in the summer evening I realized how much I love this country, especially in the summer.

Besides a passion for the Swedish summer, I also have a passion for food, so today I prepared a typical Swedish summer dish. Not very hard to prepare, but it looks beautiful and taste wonderful.

With these pictures I would like to wish all of you reading my blog a very, very nice summer!

– Ola Rynge

Ola Rynge is the CEO of The Rynge Group and author of the The Rynge Blog, which focuses on Personal Branding as a personal development tool and how it can be be used to create more opportunities for entrepreneurs.
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