How to improve your hotel by adding more and better services

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As I have described in my earlier post about improving hostels (7 steps to better hostels), there are a lot to do in improving hotels and other forms of accommodation businesses.

Social media expert Chris Brogan, writes about How Hotels Can Win More Business Travel mainly by using social media, but also by adding value through better and additional services.
What are your opinions and ideas`?
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One Comment on “How to improve your hotel by adding more and better services”

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    Here’s my proposal for the ”Geek Hotel” concept: Bleeding edge software people find it hard to learn anything from the mainstream education which is usually offered. Instead, the hotel itself can become the venue of self-education, where the week-long company of like-minded may boost productivity in a way that chopped-up late nights close to family can never offer. Just add a decent office chair, a 24″ widescreen, a keyboard and a WLAN…

    Best Regards,

    Peter Odéus at Figurous AB in Gothenburg (a small startup on its way to become the Google of apparel and shoes. Help wanted.)

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