Effects of using twitter for competitions

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The twitter user alexado won the Duct tape marketing contest, where John Jantsch gave away a copy of his book as a prize.
The interesting parts here is
1) using twitter as a arena for contest
It really is a brilliant idea for persons with large numbers of followers to attain more followers and also market the product or service that is the prize. What type of contest can you come up with? Please leave a comment.
2) how this will affect the number of followers for alexado
Alexado had 155 followers when she won the competition. How many of Duct Tape Marketing’s readers (number unknown) and twitter followers (8 777) will start follow alexado? The big question is, how will Alexado take advantage of this to make more people follow her? Help her by posting a comment here.

– Ola Rynge
The Rynge Group

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