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The first edition (I hope there will be more) of 24 hour business camp is over, and some 48 new services where started during the 24 hours. Here are my favourites based on the ideas, since most services are not really fully functional yet.

”Rmindr.com is a simple productivity tool for people that practice David Allens method Getting Things Done. You collect ideas in a variety of ways, currently only through web and sms. You organize your ideas into actionable items and tag them with the contexts you can perform them in. Then you can access all your tasks through RSS and since all cellphones have an RSS reader, you’ll have all your context lists with you where ever you go.”
”Kundo helps companies to participate in the dialogue.
We create a meeting place where conversation occurs between buyer and supplier.
Where new ideas are highlighted to help you to create products and services that customers really want.”
Börja Blogga
”The idea is to educate people about the fact that blogs are not just personal journals or today’s outfit fashion postings, while it in fact is a complete way of publishing. Some people don’t believe you if you tell them that Engadget is a blog, they say it is a news site or something similar, while it in fact is the essence of a group blog.
The key is that blogging is really a method of publishing, rather than a specific kind of content.”
”It’s a search engine that lets you search for jobs based on their geographical location. Even if you already have a job, you can find a new one, closer to where you live.
The information about the jobs comes from the Swedish job board (”Arbetsförmedlingen”). Each ad is geocoded (based on its zip code) and placed on the map.”
”MinaJobb.se is a free service that help people organize their job search by saving jobs, contacts and activities.”
I would also like to thank all the participants, even if I wasn´t there, it is great that there are events like this to boost Sweden. 🙂

– Ola Rynge
The Rynge Group

One Comment on “24 hour business camp – my favourites”

  1. Avatar for Martin Lindeskog

    Det var intressant att läsa affärslägret. Jag skall kolla vidare på Börja Blogga. Jag har har hållit på med blogging och "social media" i över 6 år och är intresserad av att sprida kunskap om detta till småföretagare, affärsintresserade och de som har någon hobby / positiv passion av något slag.

    Rmindr verkar vara bra för mitt fortsatta studerande av GTD och andra metoder och verktyg som kan strukturera mitt (arbets)liv. Jag träffade nyligen David Stiernholm för att diskutera en fysisk mötesplats för entreprenörer, blogging & "social media", m.m. Jag skall gå hans kurs i maj som arrangeras av Drivhuset.

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