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I just found out how amazing the Google answer (no longer accepting questions) service is, it took me less than an hour to find out the market size of two applications, nicely segmented by country and all. This work would normally have taken about a week in reseach, calls and writing.

For you who does not use google answer today, here is an short explanation of the service:
”It is an extension to the conventional search – rather than doing the search themselves, users pay someone else to do the search. Customers ask questions, offer a price for an answer, and researchers answer them. Researchers are not Google employees. They are limited in number (according to Google, there are only 500 Researchers) and are screened through an application process that tests their research and communications abilities.

Once a question is answered, it remains available for anyone to browse and comment on for free.”

I found that someone else already had questioned about the markets I was interested in, but even if they had not, $50 or so is not very much money.

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